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Welcome to my website! As you can tell, it's in progress at the moment!

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As you can see, this website is under construction. I'm making artwork and figuring out how to code right now. I'm both learing how to make digital art with a new tablet and learning HTML, so this is going to take some time! I'd love it if you came back to see how far I've gone. Enjoy what I have so far!

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Update 3/24/23: Added a "current obsessions" page and a new blog post. I would like to figure out how to do a chart for my C.O.'s, but Idk how I would even go about it. Yes, you can comment on that page too! I would like to make a "media I'm looking forward to" page soon.
Update 3/11/23: Huge news! I'm gonna be putting comment forms on every blog post! Maybe elsewhere too! The blog page got a facelift now with custom link images made by yours truly. Also there's a whole new blog post! This one also talks about what I've been up to lately a little. I think I'm going to try my best to open this site up to more user interaction and stuff for people to actually do, but I have to figure out how I can do that. If I could just put a messageboard on here, I would! I like the idea of people getting to say how they feel instead of just observing here. Please, comment like crazy yall! Also, do you see that guestbook up there? ;)
Update 2/10/23: I'm 30 now lol. The millennials are getting too old for all the stuff we do lmao. But anyway back to my usual childish bullshit, I have not forgotten this little place! I've got a new blog post, I might just redo all their buttons for those things but I'm not sure how to make them look yet. I just think more stuff made by me would be kinda fancy. Also I need the practice. I think I'd like a new layout too but I wouldn't even know what kind to get or try and make. But I think something less dark and serious would be more my style for sure. Something I can make these little boxes easier to read and scroll through. Open to suggestions!!!
Update 1/24/23:
Okay so I've added a few things, I actually drew a new profile picture for myself and as you can see I'm still getting used to using the tablet lol. I'm looking into adding a guestbook or comment boxes, I would love to have the ability to have comment sections for each of my blogs but I have no idea how to do that!
Update 1/16/23:
FINALLY CHANGED THAT DARN BACKGROUND! You see, I have a dark theme on my browser and totally forgot that wasn't how everyone saw it lol. I've changed the scrollboxes too, and a few other things. I also drew a lil pic of me! There's this liminal and blissfull state I'm consistently stuck in these days where I'm figuring out what I can do for this site, but I'm in a liminal and stressful state when I figure out what to practice drawing. I'm sticking to the fun stuff for now lol.
Update 1/14/23:
SO MUCH NEW STUFF!!! Added new blogs and the link out page, and so much more! We've got actual content on here!
update 1/12/23: added picture popups! fun times babey!
update 1/8/23: Messing around with adding some new trinkets to the site, it's becoming more like a real one!

In the meantime, talk to me!

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